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RIB 737


Being the first development in the new range of Hydrosport RIBs, the RIB737 sets the benchmark for what we do best: tough machines for the big sea.

The Hydrosport RIB737 also gives a new meaning to the word "customisation". Not only can it be made in a number of different combinations of colours, with a number of different consoles and seats, but it is also made with 4 different versions of transoms, for 1 or 2 engines, according to your needs.

RIB737 – Gentlemen, start your engines!


  • LOA: 7,37 m
  • Beam: 2,53 m
  • Internal beam: 1,57m
  • Tube diameter: 0,47 m
  • Weight: from 680kg
  • Passengers: 15
  • Recomended engine: 115 - 200hp
  • Top speed: 35-50 knots with recomended engine
  • Weight capacity: >1500kg
  • Fuel capacity: 170 litres
  • Autonomy: >220nm
  • Hull type: Warped 24º V @ transom, single stepped VFi

RIB Distributors / Get in touch

We are currently present in several European countries. If you do not find a local distributor in our contacts page, please feel free to contact us on info@hydrosport.pt. If you are a boat distributor and would like to distribute in your country, please contact us.