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RIB 474


Not always do you need a big boat to venture out at sea. And from time to time we might have space limitations as where to store the boat.

It was thinking about these cases that we launched our RIB474. With a recommended engine of 30-60 horsepower and a high bow with a deep entry V, that ensures a very soft and dry ride, the RIB474 can be the ideal entry level boat.

Like her older siblings, the RIB474 is made to order with a choice of colors, console and seats by the customer.

RIB474 - Small is beautiful!


  • Length: 4,74 m
  • Beam: 2,27 m
  • Inside beam: 1,29 m
  • Diameter of tubes: 0,47-0,53 m
  • Weight: from 240kg
  • Capacity: 7
  • Recommended engine: 30-60hp
  • Maximum speed: 24-32 knots with recommended engine
  • Weight capacity:> 550kg
  • Fuel capacity: 90 liters optional
  • Autonomy:> 160nm
  • Hull type: Warped 20º V @ transom, single step VFi.

RIB Distributors / Get in touch

We are currently present in several European countries. If you do not find a local distributor in our contacts page, please feel free to contact us on info@hydrosport.pt. If you are a boat distributor and would like to distribute in your country, please contact us.